#2 Storms in Sydney

I’m writing this from my apartment in Sydney, while watching huge storm clouds roll across the sky. I can spot at least six battered and abandoned umbrellas on the street below. We did have one day of bright blissful sunshine at the weekend, but then the rain began… ah, well.

With my anorak and notebook, I’ve still been able to meet some wonderful contacts. I spent the morning at the Australia Council sharing ideas about the nature of co-creating artwork with elders. Community arts has a long and rich history here, defined as professional artists offering a framework and others bringing the content. 

I loved visiting the NSW Writers’ Centre, set in parkland, and enjoyed talking about the generous creative writing classes available. Coffee and cake and a long conversation with the brilliant writer Gaele Sobbott – who is pushing at the edges of literature with her style of informed collaborative non-fiction writing with older people (read more about her considered writing process here) – topped off a fine day.


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