#20 Cooking up some plans with Age UK

Since I’ve been back in the UK, I’ve continued meeting with writers and organisations that support writers to work with older people. I hold my hands up and say this is still a fairly new area of work for me, so I’m treating each conversation an open mind and eagerness to understand.

I’m pleased I decided to phase this project, as now I’m concluding my thoughts about Australia, embarking on more research in the UK, and preparing for the US trip. It makes it all more manageable and gives me some space to reflect, too.

With Age UK Bromley & Greenwich, I’m planning a new creative project for 2016 into which some of this research will slot. We’re thinking of one-to-one creative projects between older people living in the boroughs, and me, and possibly some other writers and artists too. It would be a sort of creative befriending scheme, intimate but purposeful, too.

My dream is for these to be ambitious commissions, where the two people – the writer and the older person – develop writing, or a literary project together. The outcome will be different for each, and fit the interests and needs of both sides.