What is Writers meet Elders?

Hello and welcome!

I’m Gemma Seltzer, a London-based writer. I produce work online, live and in print. Find out more about me on my website. I also work at Arts Council England, supporting and funding writers and literature organisations to realise their ideas.

Writers Meet Elders is a research project exploring creative writing and ageing. It is supported by the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust, and undertaken in partnership with Age UK Bromley & Greenwich.

During 2015/16, alongside ongoing projects in the UK, I’ll undertake research in Australia (April/May) and the States (February/March) considering what it means to work with those in later life as a writer, why it matters to be listened to and be engaged creatively as an older person. I’ll locate the best models of creative and professional support for writers working in this area, and also think about the impact of time and age on writing, too.

I’ll be visiting projects and meeting writers, artists, cultural organisations, care environments and funders to consider best practice regarding creative and professional opportunities for writers working with older people.

In Australia, I’ll see the sights of Sydney, Brisbane, Hobart and Tasmania. During my time in the USA, I’ll be dropping into New York, Washington DC and many other exciting destinations.

Follow my journey through this site and on Twitter, too. Look for @gemseltz. For regular updates, you can also sign up to my mailing list.

Also, if you’re a British citizen, resident in the UK, you should absolutely consider applying for a Winston Churchill Memorial Trust fellowship to travel abroad, research a topic of personal and professional interest, and bring back best practice for the benefit of others in the UK.

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